Repeat Your Tweets


Repeat your tweets.

Yes, I mean that. If you post something on twitter, post it again, with exactly the same text, 7-8 hours later. Then a 3rd time 7-8 hours after that and then a 4th time in the same manner.


Are you afraid that people are going to unfollow you if they see you repeat yourself? Let em. Wouldn’t you rather have 4x the eyeballs and engagement?

According to wisemetrics, the half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes. That means you only have a few minutes to really make an impact. Try this experiment: Look at your twitter feed. Scroll down a page or so. Wait 7 minutes and look again. Unless you are following very few people, chances are you won’t see any of the same tweets.

If you’re following the rule of 3:1:1, which is that you should share 3 other pieces of content & 1 retweet for every tweet that is about you or your company, then you only need to find 3 stores or thing to share a day to fill almost an entire 24 hour calendar.

This way your account will be active at all hours of the day with only a minimal amount of effort. If the content you are sharing is relevant and helpful, you’ll gain more followers and earn higher engagement.

Not convinced yet? Well that’s ok. If I haven’t earned your trust yet, maybe listening to Guy Kawaski’s advice will change your mind. That’s where I learned this technique from.


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